Why is Travertine popular in Sydney?

  • Travertine in Sydney has seemingly been growing in popularity lately due to its beauty, timeless look and affordability.
  • Travertine tiles and pavers are both popular for internal and external paving here in Sydney.

Travertine Displays

  • This natural stone is a very popular choice around the world, the worlds largest building in Italy The Colosseum is constructed mainly of Travertine.
  • In the 1980’s Italy produced majority of the Travertine being one of very few Travertine Quarry’s in the world.
  • Now countries such as Turkey, Iran, Mexico and Peru produce a substantial amount of the worlds Travertine.
  • The unique look and texture of the stone makes the stone very versatile for homes and commercial projects along with its neutral colors.

Travertine Quarry

Above you can see a Travertine Terrace formation in Badab-Be Surt.

We have everything you need to create and elegant look for your home at discounted prices.

Do Travertine Pavers stain?

  • Travertine is less dense, than granite for example, and is sensitive to acidic liquids such as wine, juice and coffee.
  • Sealing this product is essential especially in a high traffic or food and drink area. Pavers will require a penetrating sealer.
  • We recommend that you use care and maintenance that are recommended for Travertine, as this stone is sensitive to other chemicals.
  • Cleaning Travertine with products bought at your local store that contain acids, alkalis, and other chemicals can etch or damage the stone’s surface or degrade the sealant leaving the stone more vulnerable to staining.

Sealing Travertine

Is Travertine a natural stone?

Travertine is a natural stone that is made natural hot springs and/or in Limestone caves.
Key characteristics of Travertine stone are the holes within the stone which are caused by carbon dioxide evasion.
Travertine comes in a wide variety of colors from whites, creams, light browns, reds and silver.
The most commonly used paving sizes are 610×406, 610×305, 610×610 and French pattern.

French pattern is 12 different sized pavers or tiles that in a set to make up the pattern.
French pattern is a popular choice for both internal and external use.
We stock 12mm French Pattern but 30mm is available by special depending on quantity.

When Travertine is quarried from Turkey it is sent to us via shipping containers that approximately 8 weeks.

Due to Travertine being a natural stone sealing of this product is required. Especially because this product is sensitive to acidic foods.

Travertine Quarry

A Travertine Quarry in Instanbul, Turkey.

Will Travertine pavers and tiles heat up in the sun here in Sydney?

  • Travertine is most popular for building luxury outdoor pool areas here in Sydney. The materials reputation is for being hard-wearing yet beautiful has been known since ancient times.
  • Travertine is in such high demand, especially with landscapers and builders who have come to depend on this stone’s porous nature and tendency to remain cool to touch even on the hottest summer days. It has a VERY low heat absorbtion factor when compared to concrete pavers
  • This natural stone absorbs water instantly, makes any area that has Travertine pavers or tiles virtually non-slip.
  • We import Travertine directly from the quarry in Turkey.
  • It is available in Ivory, Classic, Silver Grey or Walnut or Noce.
  • Travertine is commonly found in one of three finishes: tumbled ( textured and porous), honed (smooth and matte), and polished (smooth and shiny).

Please contact us today for more information on Travertine (03) 9706 9767.

Travertine Ivory Pool Pavers

Is Travertine slippery around a pool?

Travertine Pool Paving

  • External Travertine Pool pavers are unfilled, tumbled and brushed and usually used for outdoor pool and entertaining areas.
  • The surface is a textured rough finish with holes in it, this stone will require sealing to the stone being porous.
  • The unfilled, tumbled and brushed pavers are available in Ivory, Silver Grey or Walnut. All suitable for around a pool area.
  • The pavers and pool coping are directly imported from the Instanbul Quarry in Turkey.

Ivory Travertine pavers unfilled and tumbled

  • This lovely outdoor area have used unfilled, tumbled and brushed pavers with matching 30mm bullnosed pool coping.
  • We stock both these products, both readily available.
  • If you have any custom requirements we can special order Travertine pavers or pool coping for you depending on the quantity.


What is French Pattern Travertine?

  • The templates show exactly how your French Pattern Travertine packs will come.
    Ivory, Silver OR Classic French Pattern Travertine with matching 30mm bullnose, tumbled or drop face edge pool coping.
    French Pattern comes in a pack of 8 pieces. Readily available in 12mm OR 30mm thicknesses.
    Standard travertine tiles and pavers sizes are also readily available ie 610x406, 457x457, 610x610