• Travertine in Sydney has seemingly been growing in popularity lately due to its beauty, timeless look and affordability.
  • Travertine tiles and pavers are both popular for internal and external paving here in Sydney.

Travertine Displays

  • This natural stone is a very popular choice around the world, the worlds largest building in Italy The Colosseum is constructed mainly of Travertine.
  • In the 1980’s Italy produced majority of the Travertine being one of very few Travertine Quarry’s in the world.
  • Now countries such as Turkey, Iran, Mexico and Peru produce a substantial amount of the worlds Travertine.
  • The unique look and texture of the stone makes the stone very versatile for homes and commercial projects along with its neutral colors.

Travertine Quarry

Above you can see a Travertine Terrace formation in Badab-Be Surt.

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